About us

We’re just a diverse group of concerned citizens who advocate shelter reform – specifically, reform of Nashville’s Metro Animal Care & Control to lower their 76% kill rate.  We stand for change.  We believe pets are companions, not property.

Though we have many silent (and some not so silent!) partners in our reform efforts, our leadership team includes…

Karen Moore Josephson, Animal Control Field Expert
Karen Josephson is a former animal control director in two Tennessee counties. She led both departments from euthanasia rates upwards of 83 percent to save rates of 82 percent by developing rescue and volunteer programs, extending adoption hours, and ending breed-specific policies with a very limited budget. In 2011, Karen received a Humane Heroes Award for her progressive shelter management, improved outcomes, and public involvement in animal control. She is a certified American Humane and Red Rover first responder. Karen has experience in shelter protocol, public outreach, rescue/volunteer/foster programs, and transport. She and her husband have four rescue dogs: Lucy, Karma, Shorty and Harlowe.

Amanda Juszkiewicz, J.D., Attorney
Amanda Juszkiewicz is associate counsel for Gibson Guitar Corporation and is admitted to the Tennessee Bar. She is a member of the TBA and has experience in employer-employee relations, contract law, intellectual property, business organization, commercial leasing, mergers and acquisitions, international business transactions and other matters. Amanda graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree and received her juris doctor in 2010 from the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School. Amanda is on the Board of Loyalty, Inc., a 501(c)(3) rescue and shelter based in Atlanta, Georgia. Loyalty, Inc. provides homes for every animal regardless of age or breed and a permanent safe haven for those animals that cannot be placed. Amanda is the loving owner of two rescue Pugs, Daphne and Niles. Amanda was joined for the photo by her father’s Pug, Scooby.

Elizabeth Chauncey, Animal Rescue Representative
Elizabeth Chauncey founded East C.A.N. (East Community Action Network) in 2008, a 501(c)(3)-affiliated organization that educates the public on issues of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, helps to reunite lost pets with their families, and manages a vast network of foster families and volunteers for neighbors to help neighbors. In 2012, Elizabeth was awarded East Nashvillian of the Year and a Humane Heroes Award for her continuous and outstanding efforts on behalf of citizens and animals.  Elizabeth is seen regularly on local news broadcasts, and she lives with her two dogs, Joe and Chauncey.

Sarah Martin, M.P.A., Community Activist
Sarah Martin has a passion for public service and currently leads advocacy and outreach efforts for a Nashville nonprofit agency providing vital human services in the areas of domestic violence, youth programming, and family literacy. Sarah has served as a volunteer foster mom, and she is an active member of the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Association and the Tennessee Women’s Political Collaborative. Sarah holds a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from Tennessee State University and has experience in legislative advocacy, fundraising, volunteer management, public outreach, and community organizing. Sarah and her husband share their sofa nightly with Blue and Bowser.

Daniel Henry, L.C.S.W., Photographer
Daniel Henry is a licensed clinical social worker and has been in private marital and family therapy practice for more than twenty five years. Dan holds a master of clinical social work and is a former adjunct professor for the University of Tennessee Nashville graduate social work program. For the past several years, Dan has volunteered at two animal control facilities, primarily as an adoption photographer. He has taken thousands of photos which have resulted in the rescue and adoption of many animals. Dan’s rescue dog, Lilly, was a bottle baby saved at 2
hours old.

Kelly R. Snyder, M.S., C.T.B.S., Animal Welfare Advocate
Kelly Snyder has adopted a number of dogs that would have been deemed “unadoptable” by MACC’s current standards due to health concerns and breed. Professionally, Kelly is senior director of quality systems for a local human tissue bank, saving and enhancing lives on a daily basis. She extends this passion to all living beings in her personal time by working in her community to help with lost and abandoned animals. Kelly holds a master of science from The Johns Hopkins University and will be pursuing her master of business administration at
Vanderbilt University in the fall of 2013. Maddie is Kelly’s current rescue dog.


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