Become a virtual rescuer!

What is a Virtual Rescuer?  A Virtual Rescuer helps the “hidden” impounded animals at Metro Animal Care & Control get the exposure they need to find a forever home.  Do you want to become a Virtual Rescuer?  It’s easy!


Go to PetHarbor and choose an animal that is not currently highly visible (e.g. NOT on PetFinder, NOT featured as an adoptable pet of the week) and/or one that has been at MACC for an extended period of time.

To search MACC animals on PetHarbor:

  • On the left side of the screen under ‘Or City Name’ type in Nashville.‘ Hit the enter key.
  • When the screen refreshes, under ‘City’ in the center of the screen, click on ‘Nashville-davidson (balance), TN.’
  • When the screen refreshes, check the box for ‘Nashville/Davidson County Metro Animal Control: Nashville, TN.’ Then click on ‘Use this Shelter List.’
  • When the screen refreshes, you will see an icon that says “I Lost My Pet”. Click that icon.
  • When the screen refreshes, you should see an icon that says ‘Choose an animal type’ with a red arrow. Click the image for either Dog or Cat, depending on the type of animal you would like to promote.
  • After you click on the image, an icon saying ‘Search Now’ should appear. Click the icon.
  • A screen should appear that includes the list of ALL dogs or cats that came into MACC as strays. Some will have made it into the adoption room – these animals will have names and probably a nice picture.  Others will still be on stray hold and may not have nice pictures – these animals may or may not make it onto MACC’s adoption floor.  (Note: There will be more than one page of animals listed. The ones that have been there the longest will be in the first pages.  You can click ‘Next Page’ that appears just below the list of animals to scroll through the pages.  Those on the last pages will be the ones just impounded.)
  • You can click on any of the animal pictures to see more information about the animal.


Share your animal via email and through social media.  Encourage your friends to share, too!  Post the animal’s picture along with the following information:

  • Name (if provided) AND ID number
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Age (if known)
  • Date of intake
  • Link to listing
  • State the animal is at Nashville’s Metro Animal Care & Control:
    5125 Harding Place
    Nashville, TN 37211
    (615) 862-7928
    Adoption hours: Tues. through Sat., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Because you are a virtual rescuer and do not know the animal personally, please don’t make assumptions about the animal’s temperament. You may call or visit MACC to attempt to learn more about the animal, but try not to not call/visit incessantly – this could take staff away from caring for the animals.  If you call or visit MACC,  tell MACC staff that you’ve taken an interest in the animal and want to help find him/her a home.  Don’t pretend to be an adopter or say you are there on behalf on any particular organization.  If you are able to find out about the animal’s personality, please include that information when promoting the animal. Don’t forget to let people know the animal is in a high-kill shelter!


Remember: Because Metro Animal Care & Control is a high-kill facility, there is a chance your animal (despite your best efforts) may not make it out of shelter.  MACC staff may also tell people who inquire that certain animals are not available for adoption for one reason or another.  This is not your fault, and the animals still need your help.  We hope you will not be too discouraged and will keep up your virtual rescue efforts!

If you discover your animal has been adopted, share the news with us!  You can send an email to, leave a comment on our blog, or post on our Facebook page.

Happy rescuing!




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