MACC misses another opportunity to do the right thing

How many of you saw this story about an Antioch woman’s journey to finding and retrieving her stolen pet from Metro Animal Care & Control? 

Liz Bradley had been publicly lamenting her Poodle Dabi’s disappearance ever since he was stolen from her home.  She had tirelessly shared Dabi’s story and photos far and wide on social media and via email.  She had even enlisted the help of area rescues and other animal welfare groups.  Many of Nashville’s pet lovers and everyone close to Ms. Bradley had heard about Dabi – they KNEW the pup was missing and that his owner was not the one to blame.  Though we do not know her personally, it seems obvious to us that she is certainly NOT one of Nashville’s irresponsible pet owners.

When Ms. Bradley learned the thief had surrendered Dabi to MACC, of course, she went to MACC to retrieve him.  However, she was not permitted to do so until she paid a fee in the amount of $92 – $92 to retrieve a dog that belongs to her and is a beloved member of her family. 

What was the alternative?  Was there another course of action available to MACC? 

Well, what WSMV Channel 4 failed to report is that (effective June 6th) MACC indeed has the authority to waive fees such as those charged to responsible dog owner Liz Bradley.  The Metro Council recently passed ORDINANCE NO. BL2013-452, an excerpt from which reads: The director of health is given the discretion to waive a portion or all of the fees imposed when the dog has been impounded through no fault of the owner.”  

In recent months, MACC has been publicly criticized for its staggering kill rate, lack of transparency, and irresponsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars.  This government agency has lost the trust of the general public, particularly responsible pet owners such as Liz Bradley. This story, although it depicted a happy family reunion, is evidence of MACC’s complete lack of regard for the responsible pet owners of Nashville and its unwillingness to earn our trust.  Charging Ms. Bradley a $92 fee to retrieve her own dog may seem like small potatoes, but it is so much more – it is a missed opportunity for Metro Animal Care & Control to gain just the smallest bit of redemption in the public’s eyes.


One thought on “MACC misses another opportunity to do the right thing

  1. Since they profit from pet stealing with those policies it makes you wonder if they put the thieves up to it and are part of an organized crime ring.

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