Did you pick up this week’s City Paper? Here are the highlights.

James Nix of Nashville’s The City Paper recently did some impressive investigative reporting.  Nix details some of Metro Animal Care & Control’s questionable spending of funding intended for animal education and welfare programs in his article “With euthanasia rate high, some seek more spending for pet spay-neuter programs.”

Here are some highlights…

In 2009, Councilman Phil Claiborne and Councilwoman Karen Bennett co-sponsored a bill that increased daily animal boarding fees and set aside $3 of each boarding charged into an “animal education and welfare” fund….

…A breakdown of the items appearing in a MACC expense report shows that of the $27,800 collected in fund so far, the two biggest items include the installation of what officials described as a cat condo listed at $4,050 for the adoption are at the Harding Place facility, as well as a 55-inch television and digital media software server to display pictures of animals up for adoption as well as educational videos on responsible pet ownership, to be viewed by MACC customers in the lobby.

Metro also paid $1,649.77 to Francis Communications Inc. (including $690 for awareness bracelets) and $4,150 for custom printing from C Specialties Inc. for what Paul described as bracelets, leashes and magnets with the MACC contact information printed on them.

Also listed as expenses is a $450 charge from Art Pancakes Party & Wedding, for two costumes – a dog and a cat – worn by MACC employees at community events and when speaking to school children on how to be safe around animals and help take care of them.

We strongly encourage you to read the the article in its entirety.  Do you think Metro Animal Care & Control has demonstrated responsible stewardship of tax payer money?

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